Not your Generic Wonderland.

I'm Danielle.
I'm 22.
I live in Southwest Ohio.
Intsagram: DaniMarieOhio --

I’m always going to be that antisocial fat girl at the party

Hey, It’s not entirely my fault if I’m not attracted to you. Just saying.

You have 3 choices.

1. Kill yourself. (I don’t think that you should do this one.)
2. Take medication and become a emotionless being. (This one isn’t that great either, but, it’s better than #1.)3. Take deep breaths. Take long naps. Take bubble baths. Be outside. Enjoy the little things in life. Try your hardest to find the bright side in everything. (Do this one.)

We all have to quit letting depression take over our lives.
The saddest part about all of this?
We’re all around the ages of 15-28.
We have so much more life to live.

So, inhale some oxygen and exhale some carbon dioxide and laugh.


The lizard kings tomb in France

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